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I'm sure not too many people really care too much about the current laws concerning solicitation, but I'm simply stating them as an example of the ever-so tightening laws concerning freedom in this country. In this case, advertising.

The company that I work for is a promotional advertising firm that promotes our clients door to door. Now I'm not talking selling vacuums or shit like that, but more along the lines of VIP certificates for particular places that offer considerable discounts at their establishments. Example: a certain golf course we promote normally has a greens fee of $12-$14. Our VIP card gives 18 greens fees for $21. If you golf, it's an excellent offer. But, the local municipalities either: A) demand an obnoxious amount of money or B) completely forbid us from doing it at all.

Take Haddonfield, NJ. Perfect example. In order to solicit there they want (first off) a thumbprint and a photograph (which is normal, everywhere wants that). In addition, however, Haddonfield ALSO requires: a urine test, a blood test, a genetic sample, DNA coding (at the solicitors expense), and (to top it off) $300 per day. Basically, they're saying: "Fuck you, we don't want you here".

As I said, I'm sure not too many people really give two shits about solicitation laws, but look at it this way: if it's this simple for the "law" to restrict something as simple and basic (and all-American, might I add) what the Hell's gonna come next? Controlling caffeine consumption? No swearing in public? How about a full restriction on "offensive" music? Sound pretty impossible? How about having to have any literature "approved" before it can be published and distributed? Wake up folks! Believe it or not, the "law" is very, VERY close to having enough power to accomplish such things. "Why?" you may ask? Because nobody fuckin' does anything about it. "What can I do to help?" you may ask? If you see any bullshit going on, write your senators!

We have the power to do something about this kind of shit, so I hope you've been paying attention enough to DO something before all our rights as American citizens are stripped from us.

-Erich Schramm

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